Alpha Chi Consultant

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This training is for those who have completed the Path into Light® seminar and would like to gain access to the Divine Natural law. The divine natural law is no invention of the new time. It was born into creation from the beginning of time and explains the inherent ‘why’ of each state of being.


Atlantis Crystal Healing is a training for those who wish to heal, transform and support others with the light of the crystals. The initiations into the creation levels of the crystal worlds happen in devotion to the Divine Mother / Babaji. Various healing and Feng Shui techniques for people, animals, rooms and nature are learned during the training and can be applied for the benefit of all.

Crystalline Initiation Path


This is a very special training that came to Earth in 2015. It is for those who feel at home in the crystalline creation levels, in the crystal worlds, and who want to work with and share this light on Earth.

Lotus Healing


Lotus Healing works with the pure light of Heaven. The initiations, which are part of the training, allow the Lotus Healer to make use of this pure original lotus light, to treat the human energy system and the physical body, and to apply it in Earth and landscape healing and healing of the elements. Unspoiled, gentle yet penetrating, the lotus energy gives deep healing, memory of the original state and invites the divine light for you to experience completeness.

Starlight Essences


Deborah’s Starlight Essences® are a gift to mankind to remember and connect you with their original divine light. They bring clarity and orientation for your own path.

The Training is for those who wish to work with all of the Starlight Essences as a therapist, consultant, and for Earth.

Star Priestesses/ Priests


Star Priests and Priestesses are now awakening. They are remembering their starlight origin and are taking their place on Earth. They serve the Divine Mother, who is the creation expression of the starlight worlds. Star Priests and Priestesses guard holy starlight fires. They bring starlight to Earth and to human kind. They manifest starlight places and create connections to the stars.