Soul Reading | Starlight Reading | Starlight Reading with 3 essences

From the Divine channel, Deborah can read your soul plan, where you came from, why you might have incarnated, your life tasks and purpose. She can give you information on your next steps in life to reach those tasks and fulfil your purpose, as well as helpful advice on how you can build up your power place. The readings are a fantastic tool in achieving your soul's deepest desires, giving you more balance and happiness.

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Soul Readings

Soul Readings give insights into your soul; your potential, your qualities and your unique soul path. Every time you listen to your soul reading, the light from your heaven starts to communicate with you helping you remember your being, your purpose and your origin. Soul Readings give hints and advice for your own life task and the steps on your path of fulfilment.

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Starlight Readings

Every soul has their origin in the divine light. From here we start our own journey of development; and this journey leads through the starlight world. This stage of development is often referred to as star journeys of the soul. In the starlight worlds, each soul goes through development, qualities and potential start to form here. Some souls originate from specific star systems and incarnate on Earth to bring the light from their worlds to Earth. At the moment, there are many souls from the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and so on here on Earth.

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Power Place Readings

Power Place Coaching is one of Deborah's specialities: Supporting and guiding others in finding and taking their power place on Earth. Deborah has lived at her power place in England since 2003 and it is one of her greatest joys and also a matter close to her heart to support others in finding and taking their place to unfold the potential of their heaven here on Earth.