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We are looking forward to 2 days of initiations into the new Body Bliss healing levels, treatments for yourself and for others and the new "Body Bliss" crystals, oils and sprays from Senta.
Ideally it would be great if you could join together with at least one other person at your place; so that you can practise with each other. If that’s not possible you will practise all the methods on yourself.

BODY BLISS Online training 2023

10am - 4pm UK time each day, with a lunch break

*Please book as soon as possible, to receive posted items in time !

Investment: £650 (includes all crystals)
and £225/ £255 for the 6 Body Bliss Sprays/ 6 + 1 Break Free Spray and 6 Body Bliss Oils
+ shipping fee

From the female creation path of unity new healing levels for the body are accessible

We will send you the crystals and Body Bliss products in advance. Please make sure to book in early enough that you got them before the course starts.
To book please email to and let us know your preferred address for posting the crystals, oils and sprays.

Deborah & Senta



Deborah & Senta
日期:2022年 24 - 25.09.,台灣時間,
費用: 英鎊650 (包含水晶) 和英鎊225/英鎊255 (是6瓶/7瓶噴霧和6瓶油)加上國際運費

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