Power Place Readings

Individual Readings for your power place


I have lived at my power place in England since 2003 and it fills me with great joy to support others in finding and taking their place, so they too can unfold their divine potential.

Hence I offer Power Place Coaching, which includes:

• Finding your power place

• The path to your power place

• Taking your own power place

• Discovering the abundance of your power place

• Potential/Qualities of your power place

If you would like to book a reading please contact me with details about your power place and which reading you would like to order. The reading is then recorded as an audio file. It can either be emailed to you or sent to you on a disc. If you have any questions please get in touch!

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Individual Readings for Your Power Place

Power Place Reading

A power place reading gives you insights into your own power place history, into the creation levels there and the potential and qualities of your power place. It empowers you to understand why you are there and what steps need to be taken to re-connect this place with your divine potential. A power place reading is a precious gift that accompanies you and your power place for a long time.

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Map Reading for your power place

A map reading for your power place includes a detailed plan with information about what energetic work needs to be done at your power place to free its power, to unlock blocked levels and to strengthen the light. This includes chakra places, five elements places, planetary and cosmic focal points, connections to other places and the role in the light net with all its lay lines. A map reading is a wonderful opportunity to really get active and to not only unfold the potential of your power place and at the same time your own potential.

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Ritual Reading for your power place

It is possible to receive individual rituals from the spiritual world that support you and your power place. These rituals are unique and a true blessing.

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Starlight Reading for your power place

Starlight Reading with the starlight essences show which essences are especially supportive for you and your power place.

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